What clients are saying..

“KBN Advisors were by far the most important advisor to me throughout my transition process.  Their knowledge in the dental field has given me the data needed to make strategic business and HR decisions with confidence.  Based on the attention to detail that the KBN team put forth, I have no doubt that the guidance they provide is in the best interest of my practice.”

Dr. Nathan P. – Family Dentist; Bellevue, OH

“I loved my experience purchasing my practice with KBN Advisors! They made it easy to understand a very complicated process and everything went very smoothly. I feel I paid a fair price for my practice and was able to maintain a good relationship with the selling doctor due to the wonderful way that the interactions took place between KBN and the seller.  So thankful I decided to work with them!”

Dr. Julie L. – Orthodontist; Annapolis, MD

“The Professionals at KBN Advisors have provided outstanding accounting service for my entire family for over ten years.  The CPA’s have provided great insight for my two sons and me for the four orthodontic offices that we share.  They have always been responsive, organized and professional.   KBN helped us smoothly transition from a C corp to an S corp, saving us thousands in taxes.  Additionally, they handle most of the accounting for the Landerbrook Dental Professionals building that contains 11 different dental practices. They played an instrumental role in the refinancing & management of this building.  My family and I really appreciate all that KBN Advisors have done for us and we recommend them highly to anyone in need of accounting services.”

Dr. Terry W – Orthodontist; Mayfield Hts., OH

Our organization, have been a client of KBN Advisors LLP for over 20 years.  They have done an outstanding job of guiding us along our way in all aspects of the business of oral & maxillofacial surgery.  They provide us with remarkably professional accounting services that allow us to focus on what we do best, treating patients.  The individuals at KBN are people of integrity and are of the highest moral and ethical caliber.  They are honest, trustworthy, professional, and are dedicated to making our practice successful.  Their leadership team are men of great character and are people we are blessed to have as a part of our team. We are very grateful for all of their hard work and we give them our highest recommendation without reservation.

Dr. Mark B and Dr. Craig W – Oral Surgeons; Canfield, OH

“The awesome part of dealing with the Professionals at KBN Advisors is feeling the truly individual care and concern that they give you.  I can honestly say, that they have consistently advised me in major changes in my career development that have led to very positive outcomes!  I have gone through several transitions recently in our dental practice that have gone smoothly much to the credit of KBN Advisors’ expertise in advising me.  They then have continued to monitor and financially measure these changes in assuring me further that correct decisions were being made. I’m thankful to have them as part of my dental professional advisory team.”

Dr. Marius L. – Family Dentist; Mayfield Heights, OH 

“I could not be more thrilled to provide a stellar review for KBN Advisors. As a new dentist who bought her own practice, KBN has been exceptional advisers. They are incredibly thorough with everything they do for my business. Their knowledge regarding the dental business far exceeds anything I could expect from an accounting firm. I can contact KBN at almost any time of the week and they promptly provides me with well-considered advice. I am so happy to have found the accounting firm that will take my business to the next level and soar with me throughout the rest of my career.”

Dr. Emily D. – Family Dentist; Circleville, OH  

“As a new business and practice owner, KBN Advisors patiently guided me through the complexities associated with starting and buying a business. They were consistently available to provide individualized recommendations specific to my family situation. The team members that we have been in contact with at KBN have been exceptionally professional, extremely prompt and remarkably thorough. They are exactly what I was looking for and what I needed in an accounting firm.  I would recommend KBN Advisors without hesitation for any accounting or transition needs.”

Dr. Nicholas K. – Orthodontist, Vermillion, OH  

“KBN Advisors have had a tremendous impact on our financial well-being. Their experience in family transitions has made a difference. As a family we became engaged with KBN making financial plans for our son to transition into our Orthodontic practice as well as our future retirement plans. They have been very helpful and patient in making clear the planning and re-organization that we need to do for this to be a well-executed smooth transition. Their sincere personal, consistent communication is unsurpassed. They are available to answer questions and research. I now look forward to the transition with enthusiasm rather than trepidation that I had previously.”

Dr. William K. – Orthodontist, Clearwater FL 

“KBN Advisors services are essential for my business.  The firm’s knowledge of the dental industry is invaluable when it comes to making business decisions for my practice.  I take great comfort knowing that my business accounting is handled by such a competent, responsive, and meticulous team.”

Dr. Chris R. – Family Dentist; Seven Hills, OH

“It is with great pleasure and gratitude that I recommend KBN Advisors.   I have been working with KBN on a practice transition over the last year. There were always very patient and informative giving me time to decide what type of transition worked best for my needs.  They presented serious, qualified candidates and options and maintained their professionalism throughout the process and into the transition. As a result, the transition has gone very smoothly and is an excellent situation for the doctors, staff and patients.  I would recommend KBN Advisors to anyone transitioning their practice.”

Dr. Kenneth N. – Family Dentist, Willoughby, OH

“As a new practice owner, I could not imagine life without KBN Advisors.  They will streamline your business so you can concentrate on living your life and doing dentistry.  Peace of mind and quality of life are what you get with the KBN team. If you want to own a practice and run it well, you better have KBN Advisors on your team.”

Dr. Tom F. – Family Dentist; Houston, TX

“I made the switch to KBN after being with another dental-based accounting firm for years, and it has been outstanding ever since.  The KBN team have been tremendously helpful and attentive – can’t say enough about their service. 6 stars.”

Dr. Corey J. – Orthodontist; Chicago, IL

“KBN Advisors have guided me through two associate agreements and one practice buy-out.  Their professional advice and guidance has been invaluable. The team at KBN was always available for all of my questions and receptive to all of my concerns along the way.  They transformed normally stressful situations and made them virtually stress free. I recommend them without reservation to all of my colleagues.”

Dr. Dan B. – Orthodontist; Stow, OH

“A Dental Classmate of mine referred me to KBN Advisors to aid in the purchase of a dental practice.  The wealth of knowledge KBN brought to the table was extremely helpful throughout the entire endeavor. KBN provided a personalized experience, and went out of their way throughout the entire process answering and returning text messages, e-mails, phone calls, even after hours and weekends if something came up.  I would highly recommend KBN to any family, friends, or dental professionals in need of their services.”

Dr. Matthew H. – Family Dentist; Madison, WI

“Dentistry and Healthcare are similar to accounting and financial consulting.  The foundation of both industries is the trust of patients/clients.  Both operations thrive on integrity, quality of service and quality of outcomes.  Since the inception of our dual specialty practice nearly 15 years ago, we have been fortunate to have a partner in KBN Advisors.  Timely, high quality advice, always abreast of the new changes in their industry and exceptional service have been instrumental to our growth and wellbeing.  Thank you KBN for being the best.”

Dr. Manish V. & Dr. Dan G – Ortho and Pedo; Macedonia, OH

“For over 25 years. The CPA’s have been trusted advisors and accountants. They have helped us through building remodels, tax compliance & planning, estate and succession issues. The best thing is the peace of mind that we are in good hands.”

Dr. Tom A. – Veterinary Hospital; Stow, OH